EANAB Review


The Report of the EANAB Review Panel is now available:

EANRP Review Report Feb 4th 2022

A printable version is available here:

EANRP Review Report Feb 4th 2022 printable


The remit of the Edinburgh Airport Noise Review Panel (EANRP) was as follows:

To review the effectiveness of the arrangements and practices currently in place through the Edinburgh Airport Noise Advisory Board (EANAB) for Edinburgh Airport Limited (EAL) to engage with affected communities on minimising noise issues/impacts arising from its operations, and to produce a Report to EANAB and EAL with recommendations for change.  

In doing so, the EANRP will: 

– consider the existing parameters for the operation of EANAB, including the Code of Conduct, Terms of Reference and Memorandum of Understanding in place with EAL.

– seek to understand different views on the effectiveness of current practices through direct engagement with members of EANAB, representatives of EAL, and other stakeholders from communities impacted by noise. 

– examine the latest national guidance and examples of good practice being seen at other airports which have led to the minimisation of the impacts of noise.

The SURVEY was sent out to stakeholders to elicit views on the future direction of EANAB.

Survey Introduction

Privacy Policy

Minutes of EANRP are viewable on the EACC webpage.

Any questions regarding the Review Panel or the survey itself should be directed to [email protected]