Noise Tracking & Complaints

The EAL Casper Noise and Track System is a state of the art monitoring system that is specifically designed as an intuitive system for noise and aircraft track analysis. In developing the system close attention has been paid to easing analysis and reporting, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of communication to all stakeholders.

As well as improved analysis and reporting, the online tool allows members of the public to check aircraft noise levels and flight specific information such as flight position and altitude using our own radar data. Please follow the link below to access the NTK system.


Please note that any issues using the Noise Tracking System should be directed to [email protected] not EANAB.


Noise Complaints

EAL compiles a monthly report of all complaints received which is then reviewed by EANAB.

EANAB Quarterly Noise Report Q3 2020

EANAB Quarterly Noise Report Q2 2020

EANAB Quarterly Noise Report Q1 2020


Complaints can be made by filling in the online form within the Live Tracker tool or by Email: [email protected]
Write to: Noise enquiries, Communications Team, Edinburgh Airport, Terminal Building, Edinburgh EH12 9DN
Call the dedicated free noise enquiry line: 0800 731 3397 available 24×7