Airspace Change Programme

After the previous Airport Change Programme (ACP) was rejected last year, Edinburgh Airport have now applied to the CAA for another ACP to change flight paths around Edinburgh Airport. EAL are required to follow a different process (CAP1616) than they followed with the previous ACP. One of the major differences is a seven stage process – Stage 1 step 1B outlines the requirement to engage with stakeholders, which includes Community Councils, to determine design principles that will form the foundation of the programme including evaluating flight path options in further stages. The airport held engagement workshops for stakeholders in Oct to help design the principles for future arrival and departure flight paths.

EAL sent their Stage 1 Gateway submission to the CAA on 3rd Jan 2020.

The CAA rejected the EAL application to pass the Stage 1 Define Gateway. Further explanation for this decision is contained in the Define Gateway Outcome document.

Update 1st April 2020: EAL re-submitted their ACP-2019-32_Edinburgh Airport ACP Stage 1 submission to the CAA on the 27th March. Although they want to continue with the process, as Stage 2 requires further public engagement, this will not be possible due to COVID-19 restrictions. The CAA have since suspended any decision on this as they required to ask further questions of EAL but their whole ACP team has been furloughed. EAL will now have to apply for a new CAA timeslot to discuss this when the airport gets back to normal, whenever that might be.

EANAB are further engaging with the CAA to get clarification on the status of the ACP with regard to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.


CAA website that shows progress in the CAP1616 process so far and the EAL submissions and relevant documents:  EAL ACP 2019


UPDATE 21st Jan 2020

Based on further data received from EAL on 18 January, EANAB’s Review of EDI runway capacity has been updated as attached below.

For some months now, a number of Community Councils have been asking Edinburgh Airport Noise Advisory Board (EANAB) to provide information to give their residents a more in-depth understanding of the Board’s position on the justification of the need for increased runway capacity. As Edinburgh Airport Ltd’s (EAL) advisers on communities’ EDI aircraft-related noise concerns, EANAB has up to now refrained from doing this, pending the outcome of the discussion of the supporting data by the technically-minded representatives of both EAL and EANAB.

Despite a very helpful workshop held on 19 December, EANAB continues to believe the data demonstrates there is no justification for additional runway capacity. This was explained in the Board’s email to EAL of 1 January. That email also refers to the provision of further data from EAL by the middle of this month, with more to follow thereafter, to help the Board understand EAL’s need for additional runway capacity. It is likely that EANAB will therefore be working with EAL for some time in an attempt to reach an agreed position on this matter.

However, it has not been possible for EAL to provide the additional data in line with the original timescale, so in these circumstances the Board considers it unreasonable to continue to wait and withhold it’s present informed view on the situation. This is why the package below has now been uploaded, based on the significant amount of data the Board now has.

Email to Gordon Robertson EAL 1st Jan 2020

Review of EDI Runway Capacity 21st Jan 2020

Note of Data Analysis Workshop 19th Dec 2019

2018 and 2023 Histogram Values

EACC Meeting Aug 2016

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Appendix 3

Appendix 4

Appendix 5

Actual Summary June 2019   Scheduled Summary June 2019

Actual Summary July 2019    Scheduled Summary July 2019

Actual Summary August 2019   Scheduled Summary August 2019


UPDATE 19th Oct 2019

Because of the concerns of EANAB members that attended the Engagement Workshops a letter was sent by Lindsay Cole, Chair EANAB to EAL’s Gordon Robertson, see below.

EANAB letter to EAL 11th Oct 2019

EAL response letter 19th Oct 2019


EANAB summary of the ACP:



Edinburgh Airport ran an Airspace Change Programme from 2015-2018, which included three public consultations. The feedback from these consultations informed their application for Application for Airspace Change in August 2018. The CAA rejected this Application for Airspace Change in November 2018. See below for the links to these submissions.

Previous Submissions