This webpage has been setup to provide clear and transparent information for our local communities who want to find out more about EANAB and be kept up to date with discussions and actions.


The main purpose of EANAB is to represent the concerns of local communities who are affected by aircraft noise associated with operations around Edinburgh Airport (EAL). EANAB will ensure such concerns are understood and will report back to local communities on actions intended to improve the situation for those affected. The ultimate aim is to reduce the impact of noise on the local community.

Meetings and Minutes

EANAB holds meetings on the first Wednesday of every month.

Minutes of previous meetings and associated documents can be viewed here.

Over a series of meetings since its inception in Sep 2017 EANAB have established a Terms of Reference and a Code of Conduct.

Memorandum of Understanding has now been agreed with EAL.

Specialist Subgroups

To make sure work can be advanced in a timely manner, we have setup specialist subgroups to progress different aspects of our remit. Subgroups setup so far are: AVIATION CONSULTANCY, GOVERNANCE, HEALTH IMPACT, NOISE COMPLAINTS & BREACHES, AIRSPACE CHANGE PROGRAMME, STRATEGY and ENGAGING WITH OTHER BODIES. Their purpose and the reports on their progress are available here.