This website has been setup to provide clear and transparent information for our local communities who want to find out more about EANAB and be kept up to date with discussions and actions.

Latest News

Edinburgh Airport will make £300k available to community groups, social enterprises and charities this year through its Community Fund more than doubling the amount awarded in 2023. Priority will again be given to applicants whose work reflects the pillars within Edinburgh Airport’s Greater Good sustainability strategy – Enhancing Scotland, Zero Carbon, Scotland’s Best Business and Trusted Neighbour. Applications for the 2024 Community Fund are now open and can be accessed on the Edinburgh Airport website. They will be considered at the first meeting on April 19th 2024.


EANAB was created by Edinburgh Airport to facilitate two-way engagement between local communities and Edinburgh Airport through an independent and impartial forum. This will include advice, information provision and recommendations with the primary aim of minimising the impact of aviation noise on local communities.

Meetings, Minutes and Governance

EANAB holds meetings on the first Wednesday of every month.

Minutes of previous meetings can be viewed HERE.

EANAB have established a Terms of Reference, Code of Conduct, Complaints Procedure and a Memorandum of Understanding.

Specialist Subgroups

To make sure work can be advanced in a timely manner, we have setup specialist subgroups to progress different aspects of our remit.

Subgroups setup so far are:


Their remit and the reports on their progress are available HERE.

Glossary of Terms
ACP Airspace Change Proposal
AIP Aeronautical Information Publication
ANCON The UK’s Aircraft Noise Contour model 
A-weighting A frequency weighting that is applied to the electrical signal within a noise- measuring instrument as a way of simulating the way the human ear responds to a range of acoustic frequencies.
CAA Civil Aviation Authority
CAP1736 Civil Aviation Publication 1736. The CAA”s response of 30/11/18 to EANAB’s challenging of the validity of ERCD’s noise modelling undertaken on behalf of Edinburgh Airport for its airspace change proposal.EANAB does not accept all its conclusions.
dBA Units of sound level on the logarithmic A-weighted scale
EACCEdinburgh Airport Consultative Committee
ERCDThe CAA’s Environmental Research and Consultancy Department
GOSAMThe name of a flight departure route from EDI.GOSAM is primarily used by aircraft heading south from Edinburgh towards Carlisle.
GRICE The name of a flight departure route from EDI. GRICE is used by approximately 5% of departures comprising mainly Scandinavian and Highland and Islands services and occasionally Middle East aircraft.
ICCANIndependent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise (now defunct)
Lmax Noise metric. The maximum A-weighted sound level (in dBA) measured during an aircraft fly-by.
NADPNoise Abatement Departure Procedure 
NAPNoise Action Plan
NATS National Air Traffic Services
Runways 06 & 24Edinburgh Airport has one primary runway (Runway 06/24), which operates in two directions. When Runway 06 is in operation, aircraft arrive from the west and depart to the east. When Runway 24 is in operation, aircraft arrive from the east and depart to the west.
SEL The Sound Exposure Level generated by a single aircraft at the measurement point, measured in dBA. This accounts for the duration of the sound as well as its intensity.
SID Standard Instrument Departure route
TALLA The name of a flight departure route from EDI. TALLA is primarily used by jet and all non-jet aircraft to all destinations except north.
WHOWorld Health Organisation