About Us

EANAB can be contacted at [email protected]


EANAB is made up of Community and EAL representatives.

EANAB has representation from the following Community Councils and Associations:

  • Barnton and Cramond CC
  • Blackness Area CC
  • Charlestown, Limekilns and Pattiesmuir CC
  • Cramond Association
  • Dalgety Bay and Hillend CC
  • Dalkeith and District CC
  • East Calder CC
  • Joint Forum of Community Councils in West Lothian
  • Kinghorn CC
  • Kirknewton CC
  • Midlothian Federation of Community Councils
  • North Queensferry CC
  • Pumpherston CC
  • Ratho and District CC
  • Uphall CC

EANAB is chaired by Lindsay Cole.


EANAB have established a Terms of Reference, a Code of Conduct and a  Memorandum of Understanding.

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