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This is a repository of reports and responses related to noise monitoring that may be of interest.

To assist our communities in understanding the To70 Findings Report the EANAB Aviation Consultancy Sub-Group has prepared the following brief report.

EANAB Commentary

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In line with the recommendation by the CAA in CAP1736, an external qualified party (To70) was commissioned to look at the validity of the input data to the ANCON noise model used to produced maps at EDI.
Concerns had been expressed about the use of vertical profiles based on London Gatwick departures and the use of nominal SID track rather than using radar-based measurement to describe the way aircraft are flown at EDI (track position, altitude and speed).
The report below shows that the concerns were justified and that the data input to the ANCON model to produce noise maps are not representative of operations at EDI.

To70 Findings report Edinburgh Airport Radar Track Analysis

Appendix A Key figures Edinburgh Airport

Appendix B comparison flight patterns and vertical profiles

Appendix C comparison with ANCON

For information these were the preliminary findings of the Aviation group:

Noise Mapping Uncertainty – part1

Noise Mapping Uncertainty – part2

SEL footprint vs monitor analysis


EANAB submitted a response to the AVIATION 2050 GREEN PAPER

EANAB response Aviation 2050 June 2019


Following on from the presentation of the To70 reports to the EANAB it was decided to contact the CAA with our concerns on the 9th Sep 2019 letter to CAA

The EANAB received a response to our letter from the CAA on the 20th Sep 2019 Response from CAA


Techniques used by ERCD for the Meas and Analysis of Aircraft Noise and Radar

Validating the CAA Aircraft Noise Model with Noise Measurements